Lunch is served.

Yesterday’s at least.

Butter Garlic Salmon spaghetti with spinach and egg.


Breakfast was Croissant with cheese scrambled egg.

The go-to breakfast and lunch these days. Other than breakfast usual of baby oats and grapes, and the lunch usual of Pork Veg soup pasta or pork veg quinoa porridge.


little crispin bits and blobs

Little crispin speaks a lot and thinks a lot. Comparatively i haven’t had time to write down and record the things that we go through each day, the words he sprouts the creative thoughts and fun he has. Even if he can’t get the word right he sort of knows that’s the right word to use and he will just say it or sound it out, making this mummy so proud.

Yesterday was a long day. We went to Sentosa Sandstation Star Wars theme. The boys spent some time watching the sand sculptors at work. It was just the 2nd day of the event and some sculptors as planned are still working on their master piece. Then we went to the huge sand pit still under the cool tent for the boys turn to play, dig, build, create. We set up camp read picnic mat, peanuts and beer next to them by the side, facing the sea. Sea, sand, breeze and shade! what more to ask.

They had a quick dip in the sea. Little crispin kept asking to go to the beach. You see, sitting under the shade on the sand under the tent does not qualify being on the beach. Being at the beach means you have to have sand in your toes, splashing by the sea with waves crashing on your face, taste the salt water on your tongue and the blazing sun on your backs. That’s how you go to the beach mama! No he didn’t say that, but he meant that i know. SO of course, off with the shirts and he squeeze himself between the railing, big head and all, while little pea, too big to do the same, slide the rail to get to the sea. They are unstoppable!

They had a bath and initially thought we should skip the sand sculpting workshop and just go for lunch but seeing that its already 1:45pm, they took some time to climb a tree, the workshop was at 2pm,  we stayed for it. So all nicely dressed and washed up, they got all sweaty in no time. little pea kept himself mostly clean even with the sand shoveling, water, sand compacting,  sand water dripping every where. Little crispin got himself nicely sand though. His white  peanuts tee properly stained black brown. They had a good time sculpting Boba felt under the tutaluge of the master sculptor.

Walked over 1 km back to the car parked at the beach station carpark, dripping with sweat and sore shoulder and arms because little crispin refused to walk and i don’t blame him. It was tiring. Little pea walked like a trooper as always. Tired and hungry little crispin started crying in the car. They somehow managed to give each other a whack on the head and a kick in return.

Carried and comforted little crispin as we reached Seah Im food centre. He nursed and calmed down and almost fell asleep until i got him to eat the duck rice which he found yummy and finished the whole plate minus the part with chili. And a couple mouthful of fish noodles. Then everyone got a drink. Ice Milo for the boys, ice tea for me and coffee for the man.

On the way home, the boys fell asleep chuckling as i shared with them how the 3 of us slept in a bundle last night because i woke up and found little crispin legs where his head should be and so mama ended up trying to keep them warm with pillows instead of our comforter so i would not cover either of their heads. sigh the things mama gotta to do in the middle of the night! *Grin*

Litte crispin continued to sleep when we got home, first in my arms on the chair ( i couldn’t walk any further) then i gently placed him on the sofa where he continued to sleep. Little pea rested for a while and hubby had some whiskey. Then they both went on to wash the car and have a swim. I tidied the house, kept the laundry, prepared dinner while little crispin sleep. i was looking forward to bringing him down to join them when he wakes. It is such a hot day. A swim is in order.

But  little crispin woke crying , still tired? upset I’m not by his side? I’m not sure. But was still prepared to bring him down for a swim except little pea and hubby came back home at that moment. Thinking that we can’t go anymore he cried louder. Anyway to cut the long story short, we went down in the end with little pea at 6:30pm. We had fun play eagle and chick. it was a nice cool swim.

Ended the day eating porridge and coloring and doing some practice work. Little crispin was adamant he wanted to push the black bench from the bedroom to the piano room. he said : lets have a party!” ” where is your phone mama? we need music” but because we are have porridge i said no lets color.

The bench is still at the piano room now. I think it is time for the party when little crispin comes home.





Food tasting: Spice Odyssey

Tonight we had a invitation to a food tasting event at At-sunrice Global Chef Academy.

Spice Odyssey : ” Imagine going on a journey through several tantalizing ‘kingdoms’, each with a particular herb or spice serving as the basis of some truly amazing recipes. Come hungry to be delighted.  You will sample more than 30 intricate tapas (savoury and sweet) passionately prepared by our graduating students, as they display their creativity and outrageous talent in ingenious culinary creations.”

The evening began quite promising, being ushered into a ‘private room’ which is, without a doubt, the classroom of would-be Baristers seeing how every table has a state of the art Nesspresso makers. Welcome drink chilled White wine checked.  Took a sip before being stopped by the wine police, little pea and little crispin. Yes they came along too. Little Crispin is still nursing, little pea is very protective and would always remind me that I’m not suppose to drink alcohol, caffeine, tea or any overly stimulating beverages.

Chatted with Hubby’s friends, introduction made for the little ones, and barely 10 minutes in the bubble, we were herded out to the mass briefing outside. And so begin the mayhem.

We were Cinnamon group. I don’t know exactly how many groups there were but each group had what seemed like 25 people. There were at least 5 groups. It was crowded. Never mind we will go back into the room later. So i thought. And i thought wrong.

We were herded into different rooms. Rainbow was our first. It was beautiful. The tapas were beautifully presently. And tasted exquisite. The door gift was a delight, unicorn quotes bookmarks with a light stick.

I would love to have had more time to interact with the graduating chefs who must have been so proud and eager to share their creations. But the lack of time allocated for each tasting and swarm of people trying to get to the food made it near impossible. I felt sorry for the graduating student chefs.

We moved on to “Spice” ( they called themselves the Spice girls) , ‘Spiritual’ (Zen music playing with handwritten sanskrit writings on the walls , ‘Survival’, ‘ Spice & commerce’ ( with old biscuit tins, gunny sacks of pretend goods, stalls of olden days), the names of the different kingdoms tonight.

Survival was somewhat disappointing. There were some stale Nasi Ambang. Or maybe my tastebuds are not so keen. Maybe that why it’s Survival, you eat left over food. My apologies chef.

The spice girls chefs had some pretty and yummy tapas. Its the one kingdom i didn’t get to try all the tapas. Apparently i missed bak Choy mee and coffee popiah.

The one i enjoyed the most was History and Commerce. Love the Kebabs, which the grading chef was explaining to Hubby about it being originating from a french cuisine but he gave it a twist but basically you can still find the french origins recipe in the internet. They have my pani puri ( with a twist), which i likey likey! ( happy dance). And a mango moose which reminded me of the days in india when i had poori with mango rass. Heaven. Even little crispin had a second helping. Plus they had a really helpful and interactive attitude to the whole presentation, helping clear my tiny plates when i was searching for the dustbin, attentive and helpful when i was searching for the tiny spoon, and the good bye gift was sandalwood incense. Bliss.

All in all it was an interesting evening, minus the crowd, the standing and helping yourself to the food, getting lost in the crowd wondering which room the cinnamon group had popped into. There are several areas for improvement in terms organizing and the overall experience. The number of one time use cute clear plastic plates, spoons and cups was mind boggling and  I would definitely prefer a sitting down experience for starters. They could still have the separate rooms, but prepare tables and chairs for a proper tasting and evaluation process. It would have been more polite and fair to the chefs too, serving genuine tasters there to savor and appreciate their delicate tapas instead of hungry ghosts looking for a quick meal. ( yesterday was the last day of the hungry ghost month by the way).

The night ended too late. Well not really ended, there were maybe 2 more kingdoms to visit but we had to go. It was way past the bedtime for the boys. And they had somehow manage to fashion the light sticks from the Rainbow kingdom to whips and whipped each other. We said our goodbyes and thanks amidst little Crispin’s howling while i hugged and comfort him and beat our hasty retreat.

Conclusion: Much as it was an interesting event, with this organization, the verdict was, we are not returning any time soon.

Kudos to the graduating Chefs on their exquisite tapas and efforts though!


No. Sorry not the Changi Airport latest attraction Jewel, but the tiny pink jewel in little pea’s birthday present LEGO jungle lab.

Background: Litte crispin took the jewel and misplaced it. After lots of shouting , whining, complaining to me, crying, getting a hug from me, with little crispin nonchalantly sitting at the side not knowing what to do. I said to little crispin: think baby when did you take it? where did put it? you have to think, sit there and think.

Litte pea: are you thinking?

little crispin: i am playing and thinking.

little pea: with that sound how can you think properly?

little crispin: i can.

little pea : sigh.. i wish i am your head.


While my parents have been really involved with little pea and little crispin, I can’t say the same for the other side. My in-laws. But to be fair they did put their weight in on the days when little crispin and little pea were born, they flew to India to be with us for a month and help take care of us, and which I am really grateful for. Because India. Not everyone’s in love with it like I am.

Maybe I should have just stopped at that and let it go.

I did. Until recently I tried again to get them more involved. But it backfired.

I Guess I wanted them to be so in love with my babies the way I am. I wanted my boys to be loved and pampered by grandparents who show up and be interested in what they have accomplished.

But i Guess not everyone grandparents can be as involved as my parents. Maybe it’s me? Maybe i tried to force it too much.

Now it’s broken . I’m sorry babies. Let’s just be grateful for maternal grandparents.

Litte crispin: 4 years 7 months and counting

Dear little Crispin,

You are the cutest fiery sweetest little one.

Yesterday before school after you had your big breakfast of oats and grapes, scrambled with cheese, you were sitting at the entrance of our kitchen while i was washing up the dishes and you said: ” Mama next time i will feed you when you are old, then i have to go to work you have to take care of yourself ok?”  ” Okie baby, mama promise i will take care of myself when you go to work” ” no no i think i won’t go to work la, i need to take care of you” ” oh but baby you have to go to work when you are big, don’t worry mama will take care of myself” ” i will bring you to work with me” “ya maybe i can wait for you at the nearby coffee place and i will read my book and you can come and have lunch with me” ” no mamai will bring lunch to you” – heart melts.

You are my tiny precocious little one. You are so good at reasoning and logic. and thinking one step ahead. Sometimes you will say something and end with ” Right, mama?” i wish i can record it down. Your sweet little voice reasoning things out.

You started playing the piano. You have always loved music. you bobbed to music when you were a baby, at just 1.5 years you will play with your little finger ” catch a falling star and put it in your pocket” with the exact rhythm and beat. One of the first songs you played and enjoyed playing by heart is dinosaur dance. Now you will go to the piano on your own and try to play “if you are happy” , the duet we play together.

You love to read. You love me to read to you. recently we borrowed a whole bunch of mo williams chinese version elephant and the pig. You love “我是一只青蛙“ , “新朋友真有趣”, ”我要走了“, ”开车去兜风“

You remember the lines from the books. All your favorite books. From time to time you will suddenly recite them to me or just quietly under your breathe. Like today at the playground, you said “最好朋友游戏!“ ”最好朋友游戏..” the way little pig and bat said it vs elephant. You have such an amazing memory and brain. yOu are most beautifully brained my little one.

You love little pea to bits. In the morning you wake up and you look around the room and asked where is gege? and that you want to play with him. When we found little’s pea long lost adidas shorts today at the playroom, you said ” gege will be so happy we found his adidas shorts” After we read, ”开车去兜风“ you suddenly said lets build a boat for little pea, before he comes home for his birthday surprise. I am thinking you want to play pirates with him the way elephant played with little pig and elephant said “who needs plans with a friend like little pig” Because Little pea is your best friend.  You play together eat together sleep together fight together, you will always have each other. For that i’m so blessed and comforted.

Earlier last month, you suddenly had separation anxiety and would cry every time you had to go school. Sudden on set. and just as suddenly it came, 2 weeks later now, you are all well and happy to go to school. For the last few days you even said you wanted to go to school before it was time to go. And you said ” bye bye mama, have a good day today” and you went on to wear your shoe.

Your little hands and little feet have grown but every night you will still snuggle to sleep with me. We snuggle, read book after books of Dr Suess, books on material glass, wood..and you sleep. How soundly your sleep. Except the other night when you suddenly screamed halfway but was there to hold you and hug it out, and another hour later your half woke dreamily telling me your dreamed that the once-ler chased after you. and papa was there to give him a face kick. Must have been that day when mama went out and papa let you want the Lorax. but mama is glad at least papa was there to kick the once-ler away and mama was there for real to hold you.

Time is flying. You are growing so fast. From a tiny little 2.5 kg new born to now all long arms and legs. Mama is holding on to every moment together with you. I love you little Crispin. It warms my heart when you tell me you love me too.

hearts hearts hearts.



Lock Down Drill

Last week, after school, little pea running up to me while i was washing the dishes ate the kitchen and exclaimed: “mama today we had a lock down drill in school”

I stopped, jaw dropped.

A lock down drill here in Singapore.

(Update: just found out that Singapore schools were first encouraged to have lock down drills in 2017)

I remember last year i spoke to him about it when i read children in USA are doing lock down drills in school because it is a country that allows people to own firearms and there have been some unstable individuals who had caused harm to others using them.

Just today i read about another shooting in Texas yesterday. And less than a day after, another shooting in Ohio. Many died. Many injured.

Also today i read a news article where a minister shared the few Singaporean who had been radicalized and joined ISIS in Syria. Some died, some detained. One tried to get his friends to attack Singapore. The threat is real.

It is sad that children today has “lock down drill ” part of their childhood. But it is a necessary. We have to be prepared. Always have a plan.

Just before dozing off tonight, little pea suddenly recited the code for the beginning of a lock down in school, and the code for the end of it, before ending it with a yay!

i told him, i hope they will never have to use it, but we have to be prepared. If it comes to it, always keep yourself safe, stay safe, do everything you can to stay safe, for mama, for yourself, for mama.

Sleep tight my little one.

National day celebration at the Marina Barrage: Families for Life.

Both boys are tuckered out. It’s been a long day. Long but fun day, albeit we met with a little disappointment along the way but hey life’s not a bed of roses.

After some homework, learning spelling, practicing words, the boys went down to play ball and swim with Hubby. I joined them after my chores, and after cooking a small pot of chicken porridge for their lunch. We had fun playing ‘ride the whale’, timing little pea free style and breast stroke in preparation for his silver certification.

Oops but i digress.. i meant to talk about our day out at the Marina Barrage. The last time Families for Life organized an event at the Marina Barrage, it was so jammed pack with ALL carparks filled from Meadows to Gardens by the Bay with slow moving traffic all the way to the drop off point at the Marina Barrage. We didn’t even make it in even though we pre-registered for the event. We couldn’t.

So this time, we tried to be early. But having errands to run, tasked going to the paternal grandpa’s place to water the plants and pick up prayer fruits, and having late lunch, we finally made it to Marina Barrage at 3:20pm. All my worries about not getting a carpark lot dissipated, we had our pick! Starting at Meadows, 128 lots available. Another hundred more at Gardens by the Bay, 55 lots available at Marina barrage herself. The roads all clear. I guessed maybe others were turned off the previous event? ( Not true given the huge turnout later in the evening, we were just early. So the saying the early bird gets the worm rings true)

Anyway little crispin fell asleep, so spent some time letting him sleep a little more in the car with me while little pea and hubby went up to fly some kites. An hour later they came back to get us to go in together, about time little crispin wakes.

The registration booth was near empty. The first wave of people were done and have moved on to the activity booths. So we had it easy registering  ( just showing them the email confirmation of our registration) and collected 2 Singapore flags, 2 orange frisbees, and 2 red light sticks.

The activity booths were all queued up. Lines of humans. Not wanting to jump right into the queuing business, we went looking for the bouncy castles which were conveniently in the area next to the food van. While Hubby queued for food and snacks ie cotton candy, tea coffee, wheels and chips, i went to the bouncy castle with the boys.  There were 5 in all, small in comparison to those we have seen at the children’s Biennale at the National Museum but the boys still managed to have some squeals and laughs at the biggest one till i signaled it’s almost papa’s turn at the food van. At which, they slipped into their shoes and hurtled towards Hubby just in time for a big white ball stick of cotton candy each. Almost the only event they ever had cotton candy. The last one was at Families for Life at the Padang more than a year ago. The glee on their faces. Priceless.

With the food loot, we went on to set up camp at one of the many benches available, since Hubby knew i wanted to let the boys try some of the activity booths. There were kite making, telescope making, fan making, and glitter tattoo. For some reason only glitter tattoo caught my eye. And i asked the boys if they would like to do it and they all said yes! So of course this faithful mum went to queue. and boy what a queue. After over an hour of wait, the lady doing the tattoo decided the boy before us will be the last she will tattoo. Imagine the devastation. Mine. Well at least while i was queuing, the boys went up and found a picnic spot with Hubby and tried to fly and successfully did fly a kite till the announcer says all kites are to come down in preparation for the flyby.

The boys took it well, no tantrums no crying, just ” what a pity” from little crispin. My precocious little one. I was the embarrassed one. Wasting over an hour for nothing. Remind me to send a feed back letter to the organizers. Surely they can do crowd control and specify the exact no. of tattoo places available. I don’t mind being told places are full, but to be told after spending hours queuing is just.. No.

Anyway, the boys led me to our picnic spot, now completely surrounded by other picnickers. Just in time to see the majestic fly by. Oh wait we saw the huge giant flag flyby at the lower level, it was still awesome. Here at the picnic spot we saw the fighter jets zoom in with their skillful turns and climb up the atmosphere. Awesome. I had goosebumps.

Then it was a good hour before the fireworks. We picnicked properly. Eating all our snacks and drinks. Watch beautiful kites soar into the beautiful sky against the magnificent skyline ( even though they were not suppose to be flying till after 8 pm) not the most obedient bunch but oh so beautiful.

The air was cool, the breeze was going strong. & finally fireworks. To ahh and ohhh.. and wows…A real sight to behold. So blessed we are to be Singaporeans, to be there enjoying that view with my love ones, my precious babies. I hope they will never forget. Regardless, I will always remember. Making memories. Families for Life.

I’m the Bird watcher watcher

Yesterday while little crispin was having his breakfast, I suddenly heard a chattering of birds coming from the piano room. i have earlier found that birds have taken a liking to standing in my aircon compressor at the corner of the window. So I wasn’t surprised to find 4 birds having what seemed like a “heated argument” on my aircon compressor , at times clinging on to my invisible grills with their claws and flying over each other.

I quietly told little crispin to go to th painonroon if he wants to see some birds and he quickly got on his feet with his finger in his lips telling me to be quiet.

The next time I went in to see him, he was on his fours in the floor of the piano too , looking up at the birds. And there is was watching him for some time until he decided he wanted a closer look and he slowly move closer to the window and tried to stand up. But the birds sensed his movement and flew away. Then little crispin turned around and saw me watching him and smiled and a shrug.

As we walked back to the dining room, he asked “ were you watching me watch the birds, mama?

me: “yes baby, I’m the bird watcher watcher “


(because of Dr Seuss “did I ever tell you how lucky you are” – hawtch hawtcher bee watchers. )